Testimonials and Testaments
                Our families reflect on finding a new home at Prairie Homestead Senior Living




"My nephew’s mother in law lived there and I knew she was very happy in the Assisted Living. I am still happy to be here after a year and a half".


I had a serious health problem and was no longer able to live alone. For a while I lived with my oldest nephew and his family. When his job made it necessary for him to live out of state the family started looking for an alternative. My daughters live out of state and I suggested to them we look at Prairie Homestead. My nephew’s mother in law lived there and I knew she was very happy in the Assisted Living. I am still happy to be here after year and a half. 

                                                                                                                           Assisted Living – 1 ½ years

"I wanted a yard and a place I could have my dog, I found it at Prairie Homestead...."

I decided to put my house up for sale thinking it would take a year, and then I would decide where I would go. It sold in two weeks. I wanted an apartment that wasn’t a high rise, a place that was like a neighborhood with a yard and a place I could have my dog. I found it at Prairie Homestead! 

                                                                                                                            Independent Living – 7 months

"My grandmother, uncle and mother all lived at Prairie Homestead, my hope was I could live there too....."


In 1966 when Prairie Homestead opened, my grandmother at age 90 moved into an efficiency apartment. The fact that she could live here was a blessing. My uncle and my mother subsequently lived here too. My hope was that I would be able to afford to live at Prairie Homestead too. In 1993 it happened. I live independently in a twin home. I am happy to have lifetime care, relieving my children. Prairie Homestead is a warm, friendly environment, a family oriented community. 

                                                                                                                                       Ella Mae
                                                                                                                             Independent Living – 21 years


"After forty plus years of living in the same community and home ..."


After forty plus years of living in the same community, in the same split-level house we built our selves, in the same town where we both worked and where our children grew up and went to school, we realized we were quickly aging with not-so-good health and becoming unable to maintain our home, lawn and to manage those twenty or more steps on a daily basis! Somehow it seemed all our doctors had also aged and retired, we needed to be closer to specialists in Wichita! Being retired Navy also meant we used McConnell Air Force base facilities frequently, and the drive was becoming a chore, not to mention the rising cost of gasoline! It was a difficult decision to move and to leave our church family and friends, but the facts were there, we required a place more suited to our needs. When we finally decided to downsize, we searched our local community but could not find anything that had the amount of space we thought we needed and wanted. Through our church, we had become acquainted with some of the residents at Prairie Homestead and had visited there a few times attending various meetings etc. so we contacted Prairie Homestead staff for information and to take a tour of the campus. This was exactly what we had been searching for! We wanted to live independently, yet have services available such as maintenance, emergency assistance if needed, dining options, worship services, entertainment, activities, just to mention a few of the “perks” we found offered here. When our children toured the campus with us, they exclaimed, “this is exactly where you need to be”.
And we agree with them! We love our twin home and this is exactly where we need to be. It's only been one year since we moved here and we continue to feel God led us to this wonderful faith-based community where we have made such dear and loving friends. Prairie Homestead is truly a place to create a home.  

Merlyn and Patsy
                                                                                                                               Independent Living - 1 year

“Our only regret is that we did not do it ten years earlier…”

The reason for our move to a retirement community was because we did not want our children involved in our decision. Our only regret is that we did not do it ten years earlier.
We chose Prairie Homestead for several reasons. First of all, we have had through the years, many friends who were residents here before we came. When we arrived in 2002 several acquaintances were living here so we felt right at home. The twin home we moved into had been occupied by the pastor who married us forty years before. There are many opportunities for involvement through activities and volunteerism.
We are located within two miles of businesses where we are able to shop, gas up, bank or eat out. This makes our independent living no different than before we came here to live.
Best of all, we have no chores, like painting, mowing, cleaning the leaves out of the eaves, worrying about appliances or the roof.
Finally it is a safe community where everyone cares about everyone else. Life is good!

                                                                                                                                 John and Donna 
                                                                                                                              Independent Living - 12 years

"My heart kept coming back to Prairie Homestead...."

For over 30 years I worked, retired and lived in Springfield, Missouri. However, I was growing older and I felt that I should be closer to some of my family. Over the years, I made several trips to Kansas and visited my cousin who lived at Prairie Homestead. I visited other senior living places, but my heart kept coming back to Prairie Homestead. I am not disappointed in my seventh year. This place was built with aging in mind. For example no steps, friendly and helpful people, safety and security. Yes, I recommend Prairie Homestead. 

                                                                                                                             Independent Living  - 7 years