Wichita's Assisted Living Facility Since 1965


How do you really know if an assisted living facility is going to take care of mom or dad the way they’re supposed to?

You don’t, really.

But the state of Kansas has a pretty good idea.

Every assisted living facility in Wichita receives scheduled, ongoing surveys and reports from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disabilities. Hundreds and hundreds of items are checked at each visit by certified state inspectors.

Out of more than 30 Wichita assisted living facilities, we’re honored to report that Prairie Homestead has received a Zero Deficiencies rating since 2011!

Providing care for mom or dad as though you were here yourself

Responsible Assisted Living in Wichita KS Safety. Socialization. Nutrition. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Not by choice, but by necessity, you’re suddenly on point to find the best assisted living facility in Wichita for mom or dad. And even though you’re doing your best, sometimes guilt creeps in. That’s only natural. After all, we’re talking about the same parents who kept you safe from harm’s way. Now you’re just returning the favor.

Please feel call us at any time, 316-263-8264, or drop us a note. We'd be honored to answer any questions you may have, and help in any way we can.