Wichita's Assisted Living Facility Since 1965

Family first

Your loved one needs more than you can provide. And while it breaks your heart to think about them moving, you know it’s the right thing to do. But where do you turn? What’s the first step? Who do you trust? After all, this is family. 

We've been answering these questions, right here in Wichita, 
for 50 years.

When you suddenly find yourself in need of help with something so vitally important and personal, yet so unfamiliar, we understand. We’ve committed our careers to be here for you at this very moment. So, the first thing we do is listen. Because your situation is like no other.

Give Pam Boggs a call today at 316-263-8264 Or, drop her a note. Pam has been helping people in need for decades, and she’s been right where you’re at, right at this moment. Let Pam, and Prairie Homestead, be there for you.

After all, this is family.